Day 2 Severe Weather Outook Iowa

Today we had a mix of sun and clouds, however, temperatures were still able to climb into the lower 80’s to mid 80’s across the state. Due to the day time heating, a few isolated showers and thunderstorms may be possible across southern Iowa this evening. Rain chances still appear to remain low through much of the night as it will not be until sunrise that rain will be possible.

mgWeb_WRF_20150605-180000_ANC_ECONUS_F00153000_PwinterThickness_R4kmEarly tomorrow morning, a line of storms will be moving to the east across eastern Nebraska. As this line of storms continues to push to the east, it will begin to fall apart. Because of this, we are not expecting rain to make it more than a few counties into the western portion of the state. The only affect this rain will have on the state is an increase in cloud cover, which will be key by Saturday afternoon.

nam4kmCGP_prec_radar_034By Saturday afternoon, a cold front will be moving into eastern Nebraska and southeast South Dakota. This will be the trigger mechanism for storms, which some of these may be severe. This is why the Storm Prediction Center has issued an enhanced risk of severe weather for Saturday afternoon, mainly across eastern Nebraska and extreme western Iowa. The main risks Saturday afternoon here in the state will be large hail and damaging winds as storms will form into a line.  There may be enough dynamics to form embedded tornadoes in this line, however, this threat appears to be low at this current point.

After this line of storms pushes to the east out of the state by Sunday morning, clearing will begin to take place Sunday afternoon. Thunderstorms are forecast to redevelop across the state Sunday afternoon and push into southern Iowa by late afternoon. A few of these storms will be strong to severe, with the main risks being large hail and damaging winds.


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