12:30pm UPDATE: Tornadoes Possible Monday

day2otlk_1730There are a lot of factors that will play into this, but a window of opportunity exists for tornadoes to form across portions of eastern Iowa on Monday Afternoon.  That’s where the Storm Prediction Center has already posted a slight risk for severe weather.  This threat is in relation to a warm front that will cross the state on Monday, leading to thunderstorm development.

Let’s begin in the morning, as hail and wind producing storms might be ongoing.  Even so, there should be ample time for the atmosphere to recover Monday afternoon to trigger a second round of strong storms as the warm front approaches.  Dynamics will be in place for strong thunderstorms to develop, some capable of producing tornadoes.

Some forecast models bring the front through the heart of the state by 7pm, which would provide ample time for thunderstorms to take shape.  We’ll monitor the latest developments on this threat and attempt to bring you an update tonight.  If tonight’s storms keep us too busy we’ll bring you an update first thing tomorrow morning.  For more on the threat facing Iowa Tuesday and Wednesday, click here.

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