SCORCHER: Longest Heat Wave in Iowa in 20 Years

UntitledYou have to go back quite a ways to find a heat wave that’s dogged Iowa as long as this one will.  Another day of temperatures well into the 90’s today, with the heat index topping 115 in some spots.  You can see in the graphic to the left all of the heat related advisories now in effect, including an excessive heat warning for all of Iowa.

These kinds of conditions are not all that uncommon for Iowa, but the duration of this heat wave certainly is.  The heat will take its toll on area power grids and any facilities such as pools that are magnets when the weather turns hot.

There are a number of things people need to keep in mind during this weather.  First is to of course stay cool when you can.  If you must spend time outside make sure you drink plenty of liquids.  If you have friends, family or loved ones that are unable to get to a cool place, make sure you check on them.  Although I’m optimistic we’ll get through this heat wave without any problems, it’s far more difficult in larger cities.  Many people, especially the elderly, are at risk during a heat wave and the death toll could rise quickly across the Midwest.

There is a slight chance a stray thunderstorm or two may develop in for northeast Iowa, providing some areas with some short-lived relief.  As for when the heat wave will subside, Thursday or Friday at the earliest. Even so, warm conditions will continue across Iowa as temperatures next week will continue to hover around the 90 degree mark.  Best advice now is to do your best to stay cool and to just get used to it. 

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