Return of Winter Friday?

Well we all knew it would have to come to end an end at some point, but winter will quickly remind us that we are still in the midst of February by the end of the week. It appears that a rather strong storm system will develop out of the Rockies by Thursday, and will track to the northeast, impacting the state by Friday. Right now, there still remains a good amount of uncertainty with the track of the system, so this forecast will be a broad overview.

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, South Dakota posted a great explanation graphic this morning, explaining the differences in track and what that would mean as for snowfall accumulations. As pointed out in the graphic below, there are a few differences in tracks in the models. Some are tracking more to the northwest, and some are further south. If you are hoping for copious amounts of snow, you will want the southern track.

It appears as of right now, the greatest probability of snow will be across the northwest half of the state. But with this system still being several days out, much will continue to change. At this point, focus on the potential for snowfall by Friday. Don’t get wrapped up in timing or amounts just yet. By Wednesday, those details will be better defined. 

Another item of concern will be the winds with this system. An intense pressure gradient will cause winds to be sustained at 20 to 30-mph with gusts in excess of 30-mph. This will create visibility issues on top of the moderate to heavy heavy snowfall rates.

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