Remembering Moore Six Months Later

Today marks the six month anniversary of the EF5 tornado that formed at 2:56pm outside of Oklahoma City on May 20 of this year. The tornado moved from west to east- destroying hospitals, schools, and neighborhoods in it’s path.

The Iowa Storm Chasing Network covered this event with team member Ben McMillan being one of the first chasers to track the storm, and the first to assist with rescue and recovery. Throughout the day today we will be sharing pictures and video of this historic tornado. The first is an account by Ben of the rescue operations carried out at the Moore Medical Center. On behalf of the entire ISCN team, thanks again for your support of our coverage.

CNN Interview With Ben McMillan

Our second post in a series of updates on the historic EF-5 tornado that struck the Oklahoma City area on May 20 of this year.  In the first post we told you about the challenges faced by an Iowa Storm Chasing Network member as he encountered destroyed buildings and trapped people in the tornadoes path. In the second video you can see the work done by the ISCN team as the tornado was hitting. Live video of the storm was broadcast nationwide to our media partners to enhance the warning process. Interviews were also conducted to explain the magnitude of the storm, in hopes that it would assist with aid response.
During CBS News’ coverage of the Moore tornado on May 20, 2013, our Ben McMillan spoke to anchor Scott Pelley during the CBS Evening News. 

Zach Sharpe

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