REMEMBERING ANDY: When the Chase Doesn’t Matter Anymore

401327_161510277296309_161509763963027_221566_1353695194_nWe have some sad news to pass along.  This evening we learned of the passing of Andy Gabrielson.  Andy was an avid and professional storm chaser.  He died when a car traveling the wrong way hit him head on in Oklahoma.  This pointless and freak accident only serves as a reminder of how quickly a life can be taken away seemingly for no reason.  Andy worked with many storm chasers, we all work together.  Contrary to some movies, it usually is not a competition between us.  We’re all after the same goal and the same outcome, to track tornadoes and stay safe.  Andy lost his life not during a storm, but a simple drive.

His work has been seen on countless networks, programs and websites.  At such a young age he made himself one of the premiere chasers of his generation, and his skill, work ethic and dedication to this profession is something not easily replaced.

Tonight I learned through storm chaser Reed TImmer of a very fitting tribute for Andy. You can see an image of the tribute below.   Storm chasers and spotters lit up their online feeds to make this image on the map over central Kansas, AG.  I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to someone who dedicated his life to not only seeing tornadoes himself, but sharing it with the world through the power of the video camera and the internet.

The storm chases will continue, but without Andy Gabrielson.  His presence in the field will be missed by many, and his talent never replaced by those who follow him.  You were a good chaser Andy and you will be remembered by us all.

If you would like to leave a message to pay tribute to Andy, you can post a message on a facebook memorial page set up here.



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