Relief At Last! But When Will Storms Return?

92fAfter a long stretch of hot and humid weather, things have finally cooled across Iowa.  As you can see in the surface map to the left, high pressure is giving Iowa below normal temperatures and a chance to enjoy the outdoors with out oppressive conditions.  But we all know this is Iowa, it’s summer and it can’t last forever.

There are a few chances of rain this week, beginning on Tuesday.  The threat is pretty isolated and no major rainfall is expected.  The weather overall should remain pleasant until at least Thursday Night.  That’s when a trough will begin making its way through the Upper Midwest.

day48probAt this time it appears the system will strengthen as it approaching Iowa, giving us a shot at a late night severe weather event on Thursday into Friday.  In fact, the graphic to the right shows the area already posted under a risk for severe weather (The ‘D4’ stands for “Day 4",” or 4 forecast days away).   Because this is so far out, it’s unusual to have the Storm Prediction Center issue a risk area, but when the models are in good agreement and there is a credible threat of an organized severe weather outbreak, the SPC will sound the alarm a bit earlier than usual.

We’ll have to keep a close eye on this as we move through the week.  Could make for another late night for many across Iowa.

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