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This morning, many of us woke up to temperatures in the single digits, with wind chills below zero. However, we weren’t the only ones experincing these below freezing temperatures. In fact, Tuesday morning was the coldest morning in November since 1976. Dr. Ryan Maue with Weatherbell states, “More than 85% of the surface area of the lower-48 reached or fell below freezing Tuesday morning. All 50-states saw at or below freezing temperatures on Tuesday.”

Change is on the way though! Warmer temperatures will start to build into the state by Friday. Wednesday will be a breezy but sunny day. Temperatures will be in the 20’s on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday Iowa Forecast

A weak disturbance will move through the state Friday night and and may bring a chance at some light precipitation. Temperatures will warm into the mid 30’s on Friday, so we may see a freezing mix Friday night.

Highs Saturday

Highs Saturday

The weekend is when our temperatures really warm up. Highs this weekend will climb into the 40’s! Sounds like a heat wave right? Well technically for this time of year we should be in the mid to upper 40’s. The 40’s will only stick around through the weekend before our next weather maker moves through on Sunday. Right now a low pressure system will be moving through, but our temperatures will be staying warm enough that any precipitation will fall as rain. It will not be until Sunday night that temperatures will be cold enough that we will see a change over to snow, however most of the precipitation will be out of the state by then.

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