Record High Lows?









Could we be looking at record setting lowest high temperatures on Monday? Here is some of the data compared to what is expected.


Location Record High Low Expected High Feel Like Temp
Des Moines -10°F -4°F  -31°F
Dubuque -11°F -12°F  -38°F
Fort Dodge -4°F -9°F  -39°F
Sioux City -4°F -5°F  -35°F
Ottumwa 4°F -4°F  -32°F

It does appear that we could be looking at some record breaking temperatures on Monday in the state. Most importantly, it is going to be very cold with wind chill values of -30°F to -40°F+. With wind chills like that, frost bite can occur in as little as 10 minutes to as long as 30 minutes so you will want to limit your time outdoors and make sure to cover that exposed skin.

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