Record Breaking, Above Average, Snow

iowa_asos_highDepending on where you were in the state today, it was a great day to get outdoors and wash the cars and perhaps sweep out all that sand that has been accumulating in the garage this winter. There was a 33 degree difference across the state today. In Sioux City, their high was 72, and this broke the old record of 70 set back in 1894, while in Dubuque it was 39.

Highs Monday

Highs Monday

We will continue to crank up those temperatures tomorrow by adding another 5 to 10 degrees on top of what we saw today. Would not be surprised to see a few more degrees added to the highs shown above. These temperatures will once again be above average. Average for this time of year should be in the mid to upper 4os across the south, the the mid to upper 30s across the north. These warm temperatures will continue taking a bite out of our snow cover and could lead to potential flooding, especially as the rivers and streams begin to thaw. Tomorrow you will want to get outdoors and enjoy the weather as a system will be moving through the state on Tuesday knocking down temperatures 15 to 20 degrees.


This storm system will bring a chance of snow across northern Iowa, and rain across the south. We will have to continue to monitor this as the NAM model is the most aggressive with snowfall totals even into central and southern Iowa. The GFS is the more conservative 0ne and has the best snowfall potential north of highway 20. As of now, the GFS is the solution that we will lean on. Snowfall accumulations looks to be between 2 and 3 inches north of highway 20 with less than an inch the further south you go as we are expecting more rain than snow across the south.

After the system departs out of the state Wednesday, winds will pick up as wind gusts could approach 30mph. Temperatures will be cooler on Wednesday, with highs ranging from the mid 40s to lower 30s across the state. This will be short lived though, as highs will start to warm up again into the 50s across southern Iowa and the mid 40s across the north on Thursday and Friday. Get outside tomorrow and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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