Ready or Not, Here Comes Winter

You knew the dry and snow-free conditions would not last long.  As we head into December it appears many portions of Iowa could see a significant snow event this weekend.  Now with so much time between now and the storm’s arrival, I don’t want to commit to any totals, but I can safely say that snow appears likely for parts of Iowa.

nam_namer_084_1000_500_thickThe fun begins on Saturday as a storm system pushes into the Upper Midwest from the south.  As it approaches, a good surge of cold air will enter the state.  This is playing into the uncertainty over what exactly will happen.

The latest model runs this evening put the low south and east of Iowa.  With moisture streaming up ahead of the storm’s center before its passage, ample moisture will be available this weekend.  But the tricky part will be determining what type of moisture is coming with this storm system.  Depending on the track of the storm, parts of Iowa could see, rain, a mixed bag or heavy snow.  At this point it’s just too early to determine who’s getting what.

One thing that is becoming clear is that the colder conditions could be here to stay.  Especially if much of the state in blanketed in snow, it would not be surprising to see much lower temperatures in the days ahead.

For now the focus will remain on the almost assured storm set to hit over the weekend.  But with timing and placement largely uncertain, the best advice is to check back throughout the week for updates on what to expect.

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