Rain at Last!

This updating map above from Iowa Mesonet shows how much rain has fallen during the overnight and morning hours.  And boy, is this a welcome sight or what?  I want to be clear, that although some areas may have received up to 2” of rain (according to radar), this is by no means a drought killer.  There are still vast areas receiving little to no rain and will continue to struggle.  But for those who got some good rains, this will certainly help.

One other problem is that the heat is set to return next week, producing further stress on Iowa’s crops.  With a few more chances of rain, there is still hope of more good soakings, but at this time we’re not seeing anything that will completely end the risk posed by this year’s drought.

We are continuing to monitor the rain today along with a threat of severe weather.  You can read more about that threat by clicking here.

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