Quick Turnaround: June Already Dwarfs May for Severe WX

may map What a difference LITERALLY two days can make.  Take a look at the graphic to the left.  It shows the total number of severe weather reports in Iowa during the entire month of May.  Green dots indicate hail reports, blue dots show wind reports.  You’ll note there are no red dots because there were no reported tornadoes in Iowa during the entire month of May. 

This is pretty unusual and follows a similar inactive month of May last year as well.  But the month of June is a far different story already.  Severe weather broke out across Iowa on both June 1st and 2nd. 

Not even counting a handful of reports on June 3rd, the number of severe reports in June already more than surpasses that during the entire month of May.

IA_statemap The image to the right shows severe weather reports during the first two days of June.  Compared to the 25 severe weather reports in the month of May, the first two days of June produced a whopping 54 reports of severe weather, including 3 tornadoes.  One of those tornadoes was rated an EF-2 with winds up to 130mph.

Zoomed into the state of Iowa, neither map looks too impressive, but remind yourself that the second map showing severe reports in June represent just 48 hours, the first map in this article represents 744 hours.  Both of these periods falls during the peak of severe weather season in Iowa.

Of course this is all just coincidence, weather patterns always change.  The pattern finally changed and it just so happen to be June 1st.  But interesting nonetheless.  The weather pattern continues to stay active in the near future and more severe weather reports can be expected in the days ahead.

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