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Every year, the Iowa Storm Chasing Network travels across the state giving presentations to people of all ages. Our presentations are an hour long and the following topics are discussed. Topics discussed include:

  • What we do as storm chasers
  • How we forecast
  • Severe weather safety
  • The life as a storm chaser
  • The use of social media to give advanced warnings

A question and answer period is planned at the end of each presentation. If available, storm chasing vehicles can be brought to the presentation to be displayed.

All fees are based on time and distance. The presentation price is $250, plus travel expenses based on mileage and amount of vehicles. Standard presentation package includes two team members, and 2013 Ford explorer storm chasing vehicle.  Tornado tank, “Dorothy”, can be added on for an additional fee. To schedule your presentation today, please contact us at [email protected]

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