Powerful Winds Cause Widespread Damage


It certainly wasn’t an outbreak, in fact, it was just one storm cell that passed through eastern Iowa on Friday evening.  But that’s all that was needed as a swath of damage was reported through Iowa, Johnson, Linn and Jones County.

Some of the heaviest damage occurred in Marengo, where winds reportedly reached 90mph as the storm roared through.  You can see in the image above that those wind gusts ripped off a part of the roof of the Cub Cadet dealer in the Iowa County town.

Besides the downed trees and damaged roofs, power lines also took a beating, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people in eastern Iowa.  Crews have spent all night and morning working to restore that power.

We’ll continue to update our site today with the latest images from the storm, below is a collection of more pictures sent to us of the damage in the Iowa County area.


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