Potential for All Night Severe Weather Outbreak

Untitled It’s been a long time since Iowa has seen a setup like we have tonight.  Here we are at 10:30 PM on Wednesday Night and there is an amazing amount of untapped energy that remains in the atmosphere.  That energy is noted by the red lines on this graphic with CAPE values as high as 3,000.  More than enough for storms at any time of the day. A storm-preventing cap is not existent over central portions of Iowa.

watchThat’s exactly where some strong thunderstorms developing in western Iowa are heading.   This is of major concern to eastern Iowa as the potential for a major wind and/or hail event could materialize throughout the overnight hours.  Of course at this point it’s a wait and see method, but the threat is real enough for the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK to dramatically increase the severe weather threat for the area.

We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the night and bring you the latest information and images from what is shaping up to be a VERY bumpy night.

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