Plenty of What Ifs Before Friday’s Storms

day1otlk_1200 All day Thursday during our live chat coverage of yesterday’s severe weather outbreak I had a lot of people ask me about Friday’s threat for severe weather.  Unfortunately my answer hasn’t changed and the Storm Prediction Center has little to add to it.

A broad slight risk is posted for mostly the eastern half of Iowa.  The frontal boundary which touched off Thursday’s storms stayed far behind the action on Thursday and is expected to trigger another round of strong storms on Friday.

But this threat had a lot of uncertainties, thanks in large part to the storms occurring early Friday morning.  The remnants of the severe weather outbreak could linger over parts of eastern Iowa into the morning hours.  While the rain might move out, the leftover cloud cover could pose a problem.

If the atmosphere can’t destabilize again with the help of some sunshine, the threat of severe weather remains minimal.  But if we do see enough sun, and things turn volatile, the storm system should have no trouble sparking off another round of severe storms.

day1probotlk_1200_torn If this happens the greatest potential for tornadoes in Iowa likely exists in the northeast quadrant of the state.  That threat would stretch into parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but we’ll focus on our threat.

As I said, all of this remains highly uncertain, and the determining factor likely won’t come until late Friday morning when we see when and where the cloud deck will break up.

Until then, we’ll try and provide updates when available during the day on Friday.  If there’s a potential to chase, we’ll try and update the website as much as possible.  If we don’t chase, we’ll certainly launch our live chat again to try and answer as many of your questions as possible.

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