Plenty of Storms Kick Off August in Iowa

day1otlk_1200We’re really getting a feel for the kind of severe weather we see most often here in Iowa this time of year.  Plenty of chances for strong storms in the coming days, but little that would spark the interest of a storm chaser.  The Storm Prediction Center has posted another broad general area under a threat of severe weather in Iowa today.

Once again, all modes of severe weather are posted as minimal risks.  Instability is there but there’s not much out there to indicate a good organized threat of supercells that could produce an outbreak of severe weather.  That doesn’t mean this threat should not be taken seriously however.  Storms will be ongoing over parts of Iowa during the morning hours.  Little severe weather is expected with these storms during the morning and early afternoon hours.

day1probotlk_1200_tornAdditional development is possible later in the day, especially along or near the Interstate 80 corridor where a frontal boundary is expected to set up.  If a tornado or two would develop, this would be the best chance to see that happen.  Nonetheless, the overall risk for tornadoes is very low.  Storms are expected to continue through the evening and possibly into the overnight hours.  This is a pattern I think Iowa will have to get into.  Several rounds of storms are possible over the next few days that, although not chase-worthy, can certainly disrupt a lot of sleeping plans during the work week.

For now we’ll focus on today’s threat and keep an eye on what redevelops later this afternoon.  If warranted, we’ll consider launching live coverage tonight if needed, but right now that’s a little iffy.

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