Plenty More Where That Came From


So were you surprised by today’s developments?  Well you weren’t alone.  After a morning filled with strong thunderstorms and heavy rain it appeared that the severe threat this afternoon would be marginal and scattered.  And it was anything but.

A powerful line of wind producing thunderstorms raced across Iowa this afternoon, not only producing wind damage, but a handful of tornado reports seen above).  Damage from those tornadoes was reported from Johnson to Muscatine Counties before the storms exited towards Illinois.  Fortunately, no widespread damage was reported as it appears most tornadoes were short lived.  It is also fortunate they did not hit any population centers as these tornadoes were reportedly rain-wrapped and VERY hard to see.

From start to finish Monday was a rough day.  And more could be on the way later tonight and again tomorrow (see below).

day 2

The same areas hit hard repeatedly today with severe weather and heavy rain are in the crosshairs again tomorrow.  You can see in the graphic above the probabilities for severe weather.  The blue circling the 15% risk area and the red the 30%.  We will have to monitor for all modes of severe weather but the primary threat, again, appears to be strong damaging winds and very heavy rainfall that can cause flash flooding.

Area rivers are currently holding their own, but anymore heavy rain over a specific area could spell trouble for anyone in the path.  As always, we will closely monitor this severe weather situation and bring you the very latest throughout the day and night.  We want to thank EVERYONE who’s been donating to our cause with pictures and money.  Remember, you can share your pics with us by sending them to [email protected] and you can help us financially by visiting our donate page.

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