Playing the ‘Cap’ Game on Tuesday


As we take a closer look at Tuesday’s severe weather threat, it really all comes down to the cap. We’ve shown you the graphic above earlier today. It shows a highlighted slight risk for severe weather across large portions of Iowa. This 30% risk area is in place because of a cold front moving into some very juicy and unstable air over the state.

That’s where the questions come in. Will the cold front be significant enough to break whatever atmospheric cap we have in place over Iowa? And how will the atmosphere respond to whatever storms come our way during the overnight hours tonight?

Those are all very good questions that will play a significant role in how widespread this severe weather event becomes. In any case, all modes of severe weather will be possible Tuesday afternoon and evening across most of Iowa. However, the primary threat will likely come in the form of multiple storms capable of producing strong wind gusts and large hail.

A tornado or two cannot be ruled out, but that threat should ease off a couple of hours after storms fire. There is also the possibility that storms could fire later than currently thought. This would not only affect the window of opportunity for severe weather but the location as well. Again, all factors that we are closely examining today.

The bottom line, severe weather is a very real possibility Tuesday afternoon and evening. If you live in the risk area, it’s best to stay tuned for the latest updates and prepare as thought severe weather will strike your home or business or wherever you are in the next 36 hours.

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