Pieces of a Fireball on Display

geo_lab_meteorite10_9533 Remember that big fireball one week ago tonight?  Did you see it?  If you didn’t you’ll have another chance, but it’s not as exciting.  The University of Wisconsin in Madison is showing off the few fragments that survived re-entry.

These meteorites are on display in Madison at the University’s Geology Museum.  The fragments are extremely small, barely bigger than a peanut, but were all recovered in southwest Iowa.  Scientists managed to determine they came from the fireball last week that thousands saw.

You can see the meteorite takes on a metallic look.  More often than not the space rocks are also magnetic.  Fortunately these fragments did no damage to any property or persons in Wisconsin or Iowa.  For now we can just remember the fantastic light show they provided on a quiet April night in the Midwest.

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