Paul’s Christmas Memories


Being one of the “old greys” on the team, I have built up more memories of Christmas than traditions.  When I was growing up, the “traditions” started Thanksgiving day, with the tree going up and being decorated at my family’s house.  We would then travel to my Grandmother’s house to help put up the tree and decorations there.  Next, the family would assist my grandfather with putting his very large display of lights and figurines up.  Our extended family would end the day with a “leftover” meal with what was left from the Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Bells

As I started a family of my own, I have started many of my own traditions in my own house.  The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving, and decorations and outside lights follow.  We also have started a collection of “Christmas Bells”, which for those of you that are familiar with the “Polar Express” book or movie, you know the story behind them.  My family and I have also made it a yearly tradition to visit the Mt. Pleasant Old Thresher’s version of the Polar Express(Steam Engines), which is where we get a new bell each year.

Also a part of the tradition at my home to hide and find the Christmas Pickle.  It is an ornament that is put on the tree the night before presents are opened, and the child that finds it gets to open the first stocking stuffer.

Christmas Tree

I have experienced a multitude of different weather situations on Christmas day, from sunny and 80, to freezing rain, to -10 and snowy.  My favorite kind of weather for Christmas is snowy and 25.

Winter Cabin

As the years have passed, I have lost a few of the traditions, as both of my grandparents have passed, but I treasure the new traditions that I have been able to start with my own family. Have a great Christmas everyone.

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