Paul Brooks

MEPosition: Storm Chaser/Photographer
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Current Residence: Muscatine, Iowa
Years Chasing: 10
Facebook: PBrooks Photography
Twitter: @PBrooksPhoto

Married, Father of  3 wonderful children, based out of Muscatine, Iowa.

Paul was born in Des Moines, raised in Urbandale and Saylorville until age 10, when his family relocated to Dallas, Tx.  It was here that he was exposed to the power and beauty of storms, and also the devastation that they can cause.  The event that really peaked Paul’s interest in the weather was the 1994 DeSoto-Lancaster Tornado.  He witnessed the destruction it caused, and helped with clean up in Lancaster.

At age 15, Paul’s family relocated again to western Illinois, near the Quad Cities.  He was once again exposed to the beauty and destruction of storms in this area as he witnessed and was nearly hit by the 1996 Galva/Bishop Hill Tornado.  Paul was running at a track meet at Galva High School as the storm dropped the tornado to the west, beautifully back-lit by the sun.  He had to be dragged in to shelter by his track coach and mother because he was so enthralled with what he was witnessing.

Paul started “pursuing” storms in 2006, mainly only within a 4 county area surrounding his current place of residence.  In 2011, he started branching chases out further, encompassing some Illinois counties, some of southern Wisconsin, some of Northern Missouri, and nearly all of Iowa.  He stretched this even further in 2013, making a few trips into southern Minnesota and far eastern Nebraska.  Paul witnessed the June 1, 2007, Grandview-Muscatine tornado in person, as it just missed his place of employment by less than 200 yards.

Paul has a degree in Computer Sciences(AA) from MCC with an emphasis on Networking. He took a few Meteorology baseline classes during this time as “electives”.  Paul has had training in dealing with injuries and immediate 1st aid (and use this while out chasing when it is needed).

PPaul Brooksaul has been interested in photography since around age 10 beginning with simple film point and shoots, and slowly moving up, transitioning to digital in 2004.  He currently has both still and video cameras, and captures everything from storms to local events(Fairs, Bands, Aurora Borealis, Night Sky).  His favorite subject to capture is lightning.

Paul has interests in many different areas of science and is obsessed with gathering and analyzing data of many types(weather models, solar anomalies, sun based atmospheric study).


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