Pattern Remains Relatively Quiet

gfs_slp_042m Surface ridge.  That’s the name of the weather game for the foreseeable future.  Little if any chance of severe weather in Iowa over the next 7-10 days as the pattern shifts to a quiet set up for a while.  The good news for Iowa is the cloudy and cool weather will start to give way to warmer temperatures.

While next week looks pretty dull weather-wise, we will get back into the 70’s in most places.  That’s certainly good news if you’re a BBQ fan like myself, or just want to go for a walk and enjoy air that doesn’t require added layers of clothing.

gfs_slp_228m Looking deep into the extended forecast, long-range models do forecast a bit more activity two weeks from now.  But as always anything more than a few days out is extremely unreliable.  If we look at the general patters we should see more rain in the latter half of April.  Whether or not we see severe weather depends on the setup, track and timing of any storms systems that come close to Iowa.

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