Parade of Shortwaves Could Lead to Severe Weather


And it begins.  Waves of energy, known as shortwaves, are expected to cross over the state beginning with this morning.  This could bring multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms to parts of the state.  Earlier this week, an atmospheric cap prevented thunderstorms from developing across Iowa.  That should not be the case today.  The good news is all the rain and cloud cover will keep us much cooler than yesterday, but many areas will still reach the mid 80’s.

A slight risk for severe weather exists over western Iowa, with a conditional risk for strong storms over the rest of the state.  The biggest factor that will prevent severe thunderstorms development is the lack of supportive wind shear. Even so, the level of instability might still lead to some small supercells capable of producing all modes of severe weather.  However the primary threat of severe weather at this time appears to be large hail.

All in all it’s a messy situation that we’ll be monitoring closely throughout the day.  All of this leads to the storm system finally pushing through the state on Thursday, bringing another threat of severe weather, followed by more chances for rain into the weekend along with much cooler temperatures. 

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