Painting the Target & Circling the Wagons

For the first time of the 2013 chase season, the Iowa Storm Chasing Network is on the road for spring storms!  Today’s chase takes us far away from Iowa, to the Kansas/Oklahoma border.  This is the area where severe thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon and into the evening hours.


You can see this target area in the graphic above.  Although still a conditional threat, the target area appears to be set and many chasers will now converge on the open areas of Kansas and Oklahoma.  This is where by late afternoon, supercells capable of producing tornadoes should develop.  Our team will bring you live video from the chase vehicle coming up in a few hours so be sure to check back!

Here in Iowa, we could see a late night round of thunderstorms.  At this time it does not appear any severe weather will come with it.  That could change as we move into the new week.  For more, click here for our forecast for Monday.

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