Outbreaks Could Mark End to the Week

day2otlk_1730 Before things get jumping here in Iowa this afternoon, I want to briefly touch on the threat facing the eastern half of the state on Friday.

The Storm Prediction Center has posted a large slight risk again for tomorrow.  This threat area remains in doubt because a lot depends on what happens with the storms that develop tonight.

day2probotlk_1730_any Taking a look at the more expanded risk area, you can see much of Iowa finds itself under the highest risk tomorrow as well.  At this time it appears strong damaging winds are the greatest threat, but tornadoes could develop in the first storms that take shape Friday afternoon across portions of central Iowa.

The name of the game in regards to Friday’s severe threat is recovery.  How fast can the atmosphere recover once tonight’s storms push out of the area.  If the region can destabilize fast enough, storms will fire once again across Iowa.

It’s a very fluid situation that I wish we could focus more time on, but we need to get ready for today’s threat.  Once things get going this afternoon, we’ll launch a live chat to keep you up to date on all the latest information as it becomes available. 

Later tonight and early tomorrow morning we’ll have much more on tomorrow’s threat for severe weather.

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