Outbreak Produces Pair of EF-2 Tornadoes in Iowa

DSC03535Sunday’s severe weather outbreak across Iowa was not record breaker by any means, but it certainly sent many running for cover as storms ripped through eastern Iowa.  Today, surveys were conducted by the National Weather Service.  A tornado in Howard County and a separate twister in Iowa County were both rated an EF-2 with winds of around 120mph.

As you can see in the image to the left, we captured the Iowa County tornado Sunday Afternoon.  The good news is this tornado struck a very remote area, damaging only a couple of homes and snapping power lines in half.  On a personal note, this tornado was a very close call, touching down just a mile east of my in-laws home.

We managed to get some pictures and video of this tornado for about 3 minutes before it lifted and the rain wrap prevented us from seeing the wall cloud anymore.

Although strong, these tornadoes pale in comparison to the EF-4 monster that struck Joplin, MO last night, killing at least 116.  Iowa was lucky, the tornadoes were smaller and they hit relatively low population centers.  Another advantage we Iowans have is homeowners in the Hawkeye state often have basements, whereas further south they are rare.  What happened in Joplin reminds us the difference a basement can make in a storm such as this.

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