Once Again, Snow Sets Its Sights On NE Iowa

Well it’s not the blizzard that much of Iowa saw over the weekend, but it’s enough to cause some problems Wednesday into Thursday.  Before I get into our chances of snow and how much to expect, I want to mention a couple of quick things…

First, my apologies for not getting an update on here sooner.  Some personal changes in my job status forced me to really take my eyes of the site for a short time.  I’m still working out a balance to make sure iowachase.com remains pertinent and help inform you of troublesome weather while I continue to learn a new job.  I promise I have no plans to scale back anything this site has to offer.

gfs_slp_030mSecondly, I want to thank EVERYONE who joined us in the live chat on Saturday.  With thousands of hits and a lot of good reporting from all of you as the snow fell, I wanted to thank you all.  I wish I could thank everyone in person but I can’t.  I want to especially thank those who helped extend the time we kept the chat running even when I had to leave for a personal engagement. Although this is my creation, much of what makes this website great is the sharing of information across the state  So I can’t say this enough… THANK YOU!!!!

Now, onto our next chance for snow.  This is shaping up to be a long duration event, but that doesn’t mean we expect to see any highs now totals.  Snow should begin to fall over portions of north central and northeastern Iowa during the afternoon hours on Wednesday.

There are concerns that warm air aloft could limit snow totals if the precipitation doesn’t change over to all snow fast enough.  Of course this is a common problem for winter storm systems.  As for storm totals, it looks like northern Iowa will get the worst of it once again.  Areas along and north of Highway 20 could see 2-4” with locally higher amounts.  Areas south of Highway 20 should expect to see lesser totals that taper off the further south you go.

Another factor in this storm system is the timing.  Although 3 or 4 inches of snow would justify a Winter Weather Advisory, that snow is forecasted to fall over an 18 hour period.  Not exactly a big storm by any means.  With such a gradual buildup of snow totals, not expecting any major problems, but of course, drivers will need to take precautions as they travel during Wednesday into Thursday.

There are other chances of snow in the coming days, especially early next week.  But at this time there is nothing of major concern to talk about.  The overall pattern looks active so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of smaller systems move through giving us 1-4” totals.  With ongoing below normal conditions, looks like there’s a very good chance Iowa will stay white for Christmas.

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