On This Day in 1898

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An early season winter storm struck western Iowa on October 16-18. Precipitation began as heavy rain on the 16th then by the morning of the 17th changed to snow that continued through the night and into the morning of the 18th as the storm moved eastward, with strong northwest winds producing near blizzard conditions with very low visibilities in some areas. Surface temperatures remained above freezing throughout the desc so much of the snow melted as it fell, but at some locations the snow fell so heavily that it managed to accumulate on the ground.

At Alta 6.0 inches of snow was measured and it was noted by the observer that the accumulation would probably have been doubled had so much of the snow not melted on contact. Elsewhere 2.0 inches of snow was reported at Ogden, 4.0 inches at Bedford and Humboldt, and an amazing 10.0 inches at Logan.

Zach Sharpe

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