ON THE ROAD: Waiting for Tornadoes to Develop

228318_10100110791749410_16904978_46840898_182371_nStorm chaser Ben McMillan is spending a few weeks this spring chasing with Tim Samaras’ Twistex team.  You have likely seen the team featured on Discovery Channel’s program “Storm Chasers.”  So far, Ben has seen a lot of storms but no tornadoes.  You can see all of Ben’s pictures from the road by checking out his facebook photo gallery.

Things are beginning to get more active across the plains, as the same storm system bringing several rounds of rain here in Iowa is bringing a chance for tornadoes, especially to our south and west.  Today Ben and the rest of the Twistex team are targeting northeast Kansas before focusing on Oklahoma to start off the week on Monday and Tuesday. 

We’ll keep in touch with Ben in the days ahead and bring you more of his journey on the road this year tracking tornadoes.


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