ON THE ROAD: Leaving Iowa for Stormier Pastures

day2probotlk_1730_anyNearly a month ago we saw the largest tornado outbreak in recorded history.  While it’s impossible to tell if that could happen again, Tuesday could be the best chance of seeing something as destructive as that once again.  A massive and dangerous storm system is threatening to produce a large-scale tornado outbreak from Nebraska all the way down to Texas.

You can see in the graphic to the left the risk probabilities are very high and are progged to go higher in the morning.  That’s when we expect the Storm Prediction Center to upgrade a large area to a high risk for severe weather.  This is the area in which several large, violent, long tracked tornadoes could develop.

This could turn into yet another disastrous situation for many people caught in the path of these storms.  Besides violent tornadoes, very large hail and destructive winds are also possible.  This has the potential to be yet another massive outbreak of tornadoes in a year where we’ve already seen way too much.  Hard hit areas such as Joplin could be in extreme danger, where warnings systems were destroyed by a tornado on Sunday and rescuers are still searching for survivors.

With such a massive set up for a big tornado outbreak, we could not ignore it, even though it’s not expected to impact Iowa.  So we’re are hitting the road early in the morning and heading for the Kansas area.  Our plan is to track supercells that develop along a warm front.  This is where we believe there will be a strong chance of not only capturing tornadoes, but strong tornadoes.  My personal hope is that we catch them in the middle of nowhere and of course, stay out of that big hail so we have a car to bring us home.

We hope to provide updates from the field as best we can.  So please check in with us from time to time on the website to see images from our chase as it happens.

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