ON THE ROAD: Hunting Tornadoes in Oklahoma


After an active few days across the Upper Midwest, things in Iowa are not only quiet, but they’re going to get cold.  So not really any chance of severe weather in the region for a while.  So storm chaser Ben McMillan is heading to greener pastures so to speak.  An outbreak of severe weather is expected tomorrow in Oklahoma.  That’s where a potent storm system has set up shop this week, already producing severe weather over the area today.

Tomorrow, all modes of severe weather will be possible as storms explode over parts of Oklahoma and southern Kansas.  Although not the greatest tornado threat, the potential for a few tornadoes certainly exists.  There is also the threat of very large hail and strong damaging winds.  This could turn into an especially dangerous situation for people living in the area so I would encourage anyone who is traveling through this area or knows anyone living in or near the risk area to keep in touch with them and make sure your friends and family are aware of the threat and stay tuned.

As Ben chases tomorrow’s storms we’ll bring you his live video feed and, again, we encourage you to share our information with people in that area as we work to not only get the word out but give people a view of what exactly is going on out there.

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