ON THE ROAD: An Active Week’s Worth of Tornadoes

Our Ben McMillan is spending this storm chase season working with Twistex, the team led by Tim Samaras and featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers.”  Over the past two weeks, Ben and Twistex have captured a number of tornadoes, which he has compiled into the video you see below.

The first tornado is from Fairview, OK on Monday, May 23rd.  The Twistex team collected data as the tornado stayed on the ground for about 5 minutes.  Ben says they could see a debris cloud displaced several miles to the west of the funnel.  The team also noted other spin-ups in the area.

The next day was the “main event” of the week.  A major tornado outbreak that impacted several states including Oklahoma.  Ben and the team caught a tornado in Canton, OK.  It was one of three tornadoes, this one being the strongest.  The team collected some fantastic scientific data on this strong tornado.

The third and final tornado in this video was captured near Longview, OK.  Ben says they tracked a pair of tornadoes in this area.  After such a busy week things are starting active once again on this Memorial Day.  The team is heading north to track storms in the Dakotas.  There is also a threat for portions of Iowa.  More on that later this morning.

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