On the Road Again: Leaving Iowa For Stormier Pastures

DSC01680Tonight, I’m working to get my gear ready for a day of storm chasing on Friday.  Along with my friend and colleague storm chaser Ben McMillan, we are planning to head down somewhere along the Mississippi River between Illinois and Missouri.  This is where we believe the greatest threat exists for tornado development tomorrow.

It’s tough for me to admit this, but this is actually my first storm chase outside of Iowa.  In my 12 years I’ve always stayed in the Hawkeye state.  While intercepting storms in unfamiliar territory does leave me a little apprehensive it’s something that I’m looking forward to doing.  It’s no secret that Iowa is usually not where the strongest tornadoes are found.  Earlier this year I stressed to those around me my desire to branch out a bit and this is my first opportunity.

Of course that raises some questions.  This is, after all, IOWA Storm Chasing.  With that in mind we might not provide as many updates as we usually do.  But I also plan to provide as many updates as I can from the road.  To do that I’m planning on launching one big live chat at some point tomorrow morning once we hit the road. By doing that, I hope to at least keep people in touch with what we are doing and also provide a resource in the event that severe weather reaches portions of southeast Iowa.

Before we hit the road, look for updates both later tonight and again in the morning on the overall threat and how it might affect portions of Iowa.  After all of this, I hope to get some good pictures and videos to share with all of you.  But with so much driving involved, I will do what I can to get those pictures posted as fast as possible Friday Night/Saturday Morning.

Wish us luck! And look for more updates throughout the day from the road in Missouri… or Illinois… you never know.

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