Omega Block Keeps Things Quiet For A While

96fThe Omega Block.  It sounds like a defensive play in football.  But no, it’s a meteorological term used to describe an area of high pressure that sits still.  By not moving, it prevents cyclones, or areas of low pressure, from crossing over the US.

That’s the situation we’re in right now, after several rounds of severe weather last week, an Omega Block is now keeping us quiet this week.  Now these types of blocks can last days, weeks, even months.

So how long will this one last?  About a week.  Eventually the Omega Block will break down and a storm system will enter the Midwest.  This could happen sometime during the weekend.  Certainly a storm system we’ll have to keep an eye on but for now we’re going to stay quiet and the best advice is to enjoy it.

Temperatures should continue to get a little warmer each day, getting parts of Iowa back into the 70’s this week.  As for the potential for storms this weekend, we’ll have more on that in the coming days as the forecast becomes clearer.

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