Omega Block: Goodbye & Good Riddance!

So I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks.  Why? A little curse known as the Omega Block. Traditionally, "the block" is not good news for the upper midwest, as it sets up a Low-High-Low setup in the lower 48.  With a high pressure system in the middle, that leaves very little action in my stormchase radius.

So while it’s been an active may to the southeast and west, it has been cool and dull in Iowa… until now.  The Omega Block is fading, and the pattern is finally progged to shift.  Western Iowa will see its first chance of severe weather late in the day on Saturday.  For my interests, Sunday appears to be the prime day.

Despite the holiday weekend and some big plans, I will try and update the post as conditions become more favorable, the current Day 3 Convective Outlook paints a pretty bullseye on the state but there is one major concern.  The tornadic setup may not be that great.  Even if it does improve, it appears the likelihood of favorable chase conditions will be short lived, as numerous MCS complex’s will make their way through the state.

Nevertheless this is the first opportunity in weeks, and I’m ready to hit the road!

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