NWS: Two Tornadoes Struck Lenox In Matter of Minutes

KDMX-BREF-2151Z-LenoxThe National Weather Service in Des Moines has concluded its survey of tornado damage in the southwest Iowa town of Lenox.  Both tornadoes were weak but still managed to do considerable damage.

The first tornado touched down at approximately 4:38pm on Wednesday Afternoon.  The EF-0 tornado contained winds of around 80mph and traveled just a few blocks before lifting.  The most serious damage this tornado caused was roof damage.

The second tornado touched town just 5 minutes later and managed to stay on the ground for more than a mile.  This tornado, rated an EF-1, was packing winds up to 105mph.  This tornado caused more serious damage to buildings and home, tearing off roofs and downing trees.

Although weak, these tornadoes serve as a reminder that ANY tornado can cause damage.  And it’s not necessarily the wind that kills, but the debris that said wind carries. 

For the full report from the National Weather Service, click here.

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