NWS Rates Iowa’s Latest Tornado Outbreak


It was certainly a long and trying day for a lot of people here in Iowa.  Rather than a powerful and independent supercell, northern Iowa saw a training pattern of supercells track across the same area one by one.

The strongest of these supercells formed near the town of Belmond.  The one storm produced three tornadoes, the first of which was especially strong.  Thursday the National Weather Service in Des Moines traveled to inspect the damage left behind and determine the intensity of the tornadoes.  Their survey determined the first tornado was a high end EF-3 with winds of up to 155mph.

That tornado was not terribly wide and was fortunately on the ground for just 8 miles.  That was enough to cause extensive damage to both homes and businesses.

A second satellite tornado also touched down producing EF-0 damage with winds of about 60mph.  The third tornado then touched down near Latimer with winds reaching an estimated at 112mph producing EF-2 damage in its 4 mile path.

In all three cases, no deaths or injuries were reported.

To the east, more tornadoes were reported in western Illinois, the strongest of which produced EF-2 damage and 1 injury.  Overall a very busy and dangerous that ended well.  We storm chasers love to see these storms and study them, especially when they cause little if any damage and the warning time is enough to save lives.

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