Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: 3 Days of Fog in Iowa

UntitledCall it the cloudy curtains that comes with melting snow.  After weeks of frigid temperatures and plenty of snow, the state is finally enjoying a long period of weather above the freezing mark.  But as that snow melts, fog is settling in.  As you can see in the graphic to the right, the state of Iowa is under a dense fog advisory.  Often this advisory is issued for dense fog in the morning hours.  But not this one.

This dense fog advisory will remain in effect until Friday evening, meaning the advisory will cover most of a 3 day period.  A very unique length for an advisory to last but justified nonetheless.  Fog will continue as the snow melts until temperatures once again drop like a rock Friday night.  In the meantime, much of Iowa will shed some of the heavy blanket of snow.  That doesn’t mean all of the snow will disappear but it will at least trim down the piles in many areas.

As for the storm system this weekend, Friday evening will need to be closely monitored as there could be a period of freezing rain that falls in parts of Iowa.  We’ll continue to monitor that possibility and bring you more on that threat tomorrow.  For now, we’ll tell you to keep your eyes focused on the road when you’re traveling and don’t strain too much in the foggy conditions.

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