Now THAT’S a Thunderstorm Watch!

validww A storm system to our west has a frontal boundary draped from north to south across the entire stretch of the United States.  Severe weather is threatening many states along that boundary.  Because of that, the Storm Prediction Center did something you don’t see every day… issue a Severe Thunderstorm Watch stretching through three states.

mcd0309 The size of the watch box is impressive, but warranted.  Strong winds and large hail are primary threats across Nebraska and the Dakotas.  A tornado watch is also under consideration for parts of North Dakota where a warm font could become a second focal point of severe thunderstorms.

So will the storm affect Iowa?  Yes and no.  The system should sweep through later this week bringing with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  But at this time no severe weather is expected.

So far this storm chasing season remains relatively quiet across the U.S. But the most active period still lies ahead as we move into May and early June.

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