NO REST: Next Winter Storm Arrives Friday

Remember all that warm and dry weather we saw this winter?  Nowadays that pattern seems like it was a lifetime ago.  A continued active winter weather pattern over Iowa continues as another round of significant snowfall could arrive on Friday across the state.

gfs_namer_060_1000_500_thickThis is an especially difficult round of snow to forecast for as there is not a lot of precipitation involved.  This snow will come down to the ever popular ratio.  With a very cold and dry airmass over Iowa, snow ratios could be closer to the 20:1 range.  That means an inch of precipitation would fall as 20 inches of snow.

Now don’t panic, we’re not going to see 20 inches.  But that does mean a light amount of precip can turn into3”-6” inches of snow if not more very easily.  Because this is such a light precipitation event, and one that falls over a longer period of time than the snow we saw Tuesday Morning, it is difficult to really nail down how much snow we could see.  So today we need to just stick to generalities and prepare for the worst.

Snow should overspread the state during the day on Friday.  This snow could last anywhere from 15-20 hours in length.  When all is said and done, we cold see high-end advisory to low-end warning criteria snowfall.  This would put some areas above the 6” mark for total accumulations.  At this time, the greatest threat for significant snowfall lies in the northern half of Iowa.  But most areas if not all of the state will see some snow fall during the day on Friday.

Once again, this will impact travel if it verifies and needs to be closely monitored.  We will continue to follow the situation and bring you the very latest.  There is another storm system set to enter the region during the first half of next week.  But at this time it is too early to tell what this storm will mean to Iowa if anything at all.  For now will continue focusing on the Friday timeframe.

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