NO REST: Iowa Targeted for New Outbreak

day1otlk_1200After such a long day with so many tornadoes and so many stories and damage and death, this is something I was hoping not to say today, but here it is.  Iowa could find itself at the center of a second tornado outbreak today.

As you can see in the graphic to the left, the Storm Prediction Center has placed eastern Iowa under a Moderate Risk for severe weather.  Once again, of main concern in this area will be the threat of an outbreak of tornadoes, some of which could be on the strong, violent side, as a powerful storm system continues to trek across the region.

Despite several rounds of showers and severe thunderstorms on Saturday well into the overnight hours, the atmosphere is expected to destabilize once again.  By this afternoon, discrete supercells could take shape, bringing with them the threat of large hail, strong damaging winds and tornadoes.

day1probotlk_1200_tornIn the graphic to the right is the probability map for tornadoes today.  You can see a strong threat across much of the state, especially over northeast Iowa.  This threat also stretches into portions of southeast Minnesota and into western portions of Wisconsin.

Although not as large or widespread as the event we just wrapped up yesterday, This is still a very dangerous situation and every precaution many took yesterday should be taken once again today.  More than 120 tornado reports came in yesterday and there are at least two communities in Iowa who can tell you how quickly this threat can be come real. 

The communities of Creston and Thurman will begin the process of picking up the pieces today, as well as countless other communities to our south and west.  All we can do now is monitor the latest situations and hope that come this time tomorrow, there are not other communities sharing in their fate.

We’ll provide updates throughout the morning and afternoon and will let you know about out plans to track this next potential outbreak of severe weather.

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