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HWOMany of you will not be affected by what we are about to tell you, but starting on Tuesday, the National Weather Service will no longer display the Hazardous Weather Outlook. What is the Hazardous Weather Outlook? It is a weather statement issued to provide information of potential severe weather events within the next seven days. The outlook may include information about potential severe thunderstorms, heavy rain or flooding, winter weather, and extreme temperatures.

In a statement from Eli Jacks, Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch at the National Weather Service Headquarters in Washington DC:

When an Hazardous Weather Outlook is issued, it is indicated by a light tan color on the hazard map. This light tan color often occupies large areas of the map and can be a distraction from concurrent watch, warning, and/or advisory products also indicated on the map. The distraction aspect can be especially important during times when HWOs are issued only as a general outlook or when no hazardous weather is actually forecast.

The HWO will continue to be available on individual local weather forecast office (WFO) web pages. Clicking on the geographical location of interest from the hazard map will take the user to the desired WFO home page.

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