No Major Outbreak, Active Pattern Continues

130am radar Well those are the breaks folks, and this time Iowa got one.  Showers and thunderstorms are moving through Iowa as expected on this early Monday morning, but they’re not severe.

These storms were part of a large complex that first developed to our southwest and increased in size as it reached the Missouri River.  But as the storms moved east, the intensity dropped. 

Although there’s a good amount of energy over Iowa to fuel these storms, the dynamics are not there, and an atmospheric cap should prevent any organized severe weather during the overnight hours.

Regional Radar That doesn’t mean the state is out of the woods yet.  Several rounds of thunderstorms over the next 72 hours will continue to threaten the area with potential severe weather.  We’ll have more on the ongoing threat for strong storms later this morning.

As we stated before, another major concern with this lingering storm system is the heavy rain coming with each round of thunderstorms.  Flash flooding and river flooding will become a problem in some areas as the week rolls on.

We’ll continue to monitor all of this and resume live coverage here on the site if needed in the coming hours and days.

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