NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: Major Hurricane May Strike New York City

HUVSFive years ago today, one of the worst case scenarios of the Atlantic hurricane season became a reality, a major hurricane decimated New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast, killing more than 1,800 people.

Now another worst case scenario is taking shape in the form of Hurricane Earl.  The storm is thousands of miles away from the US but there is a growing risk the storm will make landfall along the east coast.  Right now the area at greatest risk for a direct hit is the greater New York City area.  At that time the storm may reach category 3 status, packing winds of over 115 mph.

This forecast still has a long way to go.  Projections would put the storm over New York sometime during next weekend.  If a major hurricane were to strike the New York City area it could paralyze the area. 

145014W5_NL_smMillions may have to evacuate or prepare for life threatening conditions including strong winds, heavy rain and large ocean swells that would flood not only New York’s underground transportation system but much of the city itself.

There is a LOT of time before this event could happen so nothing is set in stone.  But this is a tremendously dangerous situation that needs to be taken seriously by anyone that could be in this storm’s path.

We’ll continue to monitor this situation as the US faces what might become the biggest hurricane landfall since Katrina and Rita five years ago.

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