Night of Storms in Iowa as Tornado Outbreak Strikes to Our South

today.gif It’s all about the dynamics.  That’s what’s led to a major tornado outbreak in the southeastern United States, especially affecting portions of Alabama and Mississippi.  As of 4:00pm Saturday there were more than 3 dozen reports of tornadoes.

Of course I’ll be shocked if the final number is that high.  The pattern of tornado reports indicates some long-track tornadoes formed and were reported multiple times.  Survey teams will fan out tomorrow or Monday to the hardest hit areas to determine the intensity of those tornadoes.

hiresw_slp_018m Here in Iowa, things are relatively calm but we’ll have to watch out for some isolated severe weather tonight.  Some light to moderate showers in northern Missouri spun up a tornado earlier today, with the low passing just south of Iowa, this is something that remains a slight possibility.

Otherwise, isolated reports of strong winds and large hail will be possible through the overnight hours as the storm system passes.  Much of the state faces a night of showers and thunderstorms, but again, no organized severe weather is expected.

After all this moves out of Iowa, quiet weather will take hold, at least for a few days.  Attention then turns to a storm system that moves into the upper Midwest on Thursday. 

day48prob One ominous sign, the Storm Prediction Center has already posted a large general risk area to our south and west for Thursday.  Based on what the models are currently indicating, this shows me that a large and dynamic system will affect our weather over a number of days the latter half of the week and into the weekend.

This will of course all change many times in the days ahead as the models get a better handle on it.  But it’s safe to say the nation’s lull in severe weather quickly came to an end and it appears the patter will remain active for much of the country.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation to our south tonight and hope to have a full report on the impacts tomorrow as well as a look ahead to the storms coming in the next few days.  Until then, hope you all enjoy this dreary looking weekend! 🙂

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