New Information on EF-4 Tornado

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls completed its survey of the tornado damage in northwest Iowa that occurred on Friday Night.  One tornado was rated an EF-4 on the Fujita scale.  Read our previous post for more on the scale and the rarity of a tornado like this.

Damage18The tornado touched down just after sunset last Friday 3 miles west of Little Rock, Iowa.  The tornado traveled 14 miles and was very slow moving, staying on the ground for 30 to 40 minutes.  The tornado crossed just south of Sibley before turning to the northeast and lifting.

A second tornado briefly touched down nearby before lifting or merging with the large tornado.  This separate tornado was rated an EF-1.

Take a look at this damage in this picture to the left.  You can see the all the walls to this building but the foundation remains.  This is the area where EF-4 damage was confirmed.  The home was hit by the tornado around 10:20pm on Friday Night.  The tornado appeared to be a quarter of a mile wide as it traveled over this area.  Overall some pretty serious damage and it’s very fortunate that only minor injuries were reported.

All in all a serious, long track tornado that was even more dangerous because it traveled in the dark, making it very difficult for spotters to track and warn areas in the path.

For more maps and images from this tornado’s path, click here for the full report from the National Weather Service.

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