Narrow Area Threatened Again Today

day1otlk_1200 It’s the same old story with a persistent stationary front draped across southern Iowa today. The same area under the gun yesterday will face another threat for severe weather today and tonight.  The Storm Prediction Center has posted a moderate risk for severe weather today for a narrow corridor where a frontal boundary remains this morning.

This is of great concern in southern Iowa and more so for people in northern Missouri.  I’ll explain why in just a moment.  First, today’s threat is conditional on the atmosphere destabilizing after this morning’s activity ends.  That’s expected to happen this afternoon.

Supercells are expected to develop along the front and quickly turn severe.  All modes of severe weather are expected with these storms.  As the event wears on, the primary risk will shift to a damaging wind event.

All in all this is a tricky system so it’s strongly encouraged that people living in southern Iowa stay tuned to the latest forecast throughout the day.  Unfortunately, a personal engagement will keep me from updating the website all day.  I want to apologize to all our fans for this.  I know it’s not a good situation but I have no way out of it and I hope you can forgive me for leaving you hanging for just one day.

Besides the usual threats for severe weather, flooding is a major concern in southern Iowa and Missouri.  Many areas this morning are under a flash flood warning.  That’s a scenario expected to play out once again today over southern Iowa.  This is, of course, even worse news for Missouri.  Eventually all this precip will flow downstream and many areas will have to monitor nearby rivers for any potential flooding problems in the coming days.

After a break on Sunday, the pattern doesn’t waste time before it reactivates.  Threats of severe weather are already posted just southwest of Iowa for both Monday and Tuesday. Right now it looks like next week will stay just as active as the last one.

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