Multiple Rounds of Rain Coming to Iowa

day1otlk_1300Several days of thunderstorm threats are in Iowa’s future.  The graphic to the left shows today’s severe weather threat as a storm system enters the Upper Midwest.  Storms should develop west of Iowa and could reach western portions of the state late tonight and into the morning hours.  The Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for severe weather that stretches into far northwest Iowa.  Large hail and strong winds are the primary threat from any storms that reach severe limits in this area.

Storms should continue to spread across the state into the morning hours of Sunday.  This will play a crucial role in the risk for severe weather on Sunday. 

day2otlk_0600As you can see in the graphic to the right, the entire state of Iowa is under a slight risk for severe weather.  This is a very general risk because with all of the uncertainties it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact risk area.

Cloud cover from the morning round of storms could prevent organized severe weather development Sunday afternoon.  But with sufficient energy in the atmosphere, storms should fire and at the very least produce isolated reports of severe weather.  All modes of severe weather could be possible across Iowa.  We hope to pin down the exact threats better tomorrow morning.

day48probLooking further into Iowa’s future, there is one more extended period of dry weather from Monday into Wednesday.  After that, things get active again.  The SPC has issued a rare extended outlook risk for severe weather.  This “Day 5” risk are includes northern portions of Iowa.  At this time, this looks like an event that could affect Iowa late in the day on Wednesday and into the overnight hours.  Certainly something to keep an eye on.

All of this is not good news for area rivers.  The positive side is we’ll see a couple periods of dry weather in between these rounds of rain, allowing area waterways to recover from their swelled conditions.  If heavier rain events do occur later in the week however, we will have to watch out for localized flooding concerns where heavy rain falls.

As for tomorrow, we’ll have another update on the risk as early as tonight if warranted, otherwise expect updates throughout the day on Sunday as we get a better view of the threat facing Iowa.

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